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About Certified Appraiser Network Appraisal Service


Certified Appraiser Network has 20 years of local experience in Southern California.  We are located in Los Angeles (Torrance), with satellite offices in the San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks and Orange County, allowing us to efficiently offer coverage throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura Counties.

Appraisal Types: Single Family Residences, Condominiums, Small Apartments (2-4 units), Multi-Unit Apartments (5-30 units), Land, Trusts, Taxes, PMI Removal, Relocation, Litigation, Commercial and Industrial. We also provide service on special projects, review work, emergency services arising from natural disasters, REO and Asset Management appraisals.

About our Staff: Certified Appraiser Network is comprised of a team of full time appraisers all with State, Certified and/or General Licenses. Our staff is highly qualified, having a minimum of 5 years of local appraisal experience in Southern California.

Resources: The company incorporates state-of-the-art computerization including full (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange capability including Appraisal Port and Adobe/PDF format to send appraisals electronically.  We also incorporate the industries most extensive and up-to-the-minute market data bank: On-Line MLS (Multiple Listing Service), On-Line Data Quick and National Data Collective, On-Line Real Quest, First American R.E. Solutions, CMDC and an extensive in-house market data bank. Our experience with all these sources results in a better cross-check system of comparable data and overall more dependable and accurate value estimates!

Client List: Our client and approved fee panel list is comprised of both large and small lending institutions throughout the United States.   

ABQ Bank

Advanced Savings & Loan (ASL)

Advanta Mortgage USA

Aegis Lending

Allied Bancorp

Allied Savings Bank

Allstate Acceptance Company

American Enterprise Bank of Florida

American Home Capital

American International Bank

American Lenders Mortgage

American Residential Mortgage

American Savings Bank

American United Bank

Ameriquest Mortgage

Ameristar Financial

Anheuser-Busch Credit Union

Associates National Mortgage

Avco Financial

Aztec Financial

Bank of America

Bank of California

Bank of Commerce

Bank of Los Angeles

Bank of the Orient

Bank of the Pacific

Bank of the West

Bank of Yorba Linda

Barclay's American Mortgage

Bay Cities National Bank

Brentwood Bank of CA

Broadway Federal Savings & Loan

BSC Mortgage

California Federal Bank

California Savings & Loan

CCB Mortgage

Centennial Funding Corp.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage

Citi Home Equity


Citicorp Mortgage Inc.

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